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Youmacon Batfam ShowCase

This group was amazing! We never really had a leader to coordinate everything so I’m glad it all came together in the end! We had a few surprises like some villians popping up! And us kidnapping the most awesome Joker in the world!

I hope to do this again!

Thanks to George for all the video work and being red robin!!! Here’s the video on youtube!! click here

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Red Robin and Black Bat!

Worn at Dragon*Con 2012 with my lovely girlfriend Chronie

Theres were from my previous concept designs which were a sort of Movie-grade renditions of RR and BB based off of the Kenneth Rocafort designs with a bit of Marcus To thrown in :)

These costumes were the most massive and difficult project we’ve ever taken on. The suits were made from a platinum based silicone. The process was long and arduous (Maybe I’ll post some progress shots later). But basically, we made body casts of ourselved, sculpted the suits out of clay and then created these massive molds (and I mean MASSIVE). And then after that was the casting process which was a whole nother headache. Since I have no degrasser chamber, I had to develop my own method for casting these. It was a lot of trial and error but I got a pretty good method in the end.

But anyways, the suit came out weighing about ~90lbs for mine and ~60lbs for Chronie’s.

We spent most of the convention in pain and laying down on the ground and other various areas lol.

But these were a lot of fun and we learned a lot about fabrication and rubber work

But anyways, this was one of the two photoshoots we did with these shoots, so more pictures to come!

Photos were taken by Benny Lee. Check his work out, he’s an amazing photographer with so much skill and talent :)

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but now that we know for sure they’re telling lies when they say

no one gets hurt and therefore nobody dies

No, it’s cool, I was totally planning to cry myself to sleep.

when people ask if I like Batman they get confused when I say not really I just love everyone in his blast radius

Ahahaha, that’s…

Oh god, that’s true.

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World’s Finest #0 preview

I’m not sure that words can express how excited I am for this issue. This might be exactly what I’ve been waiting for since they announced Helena Wayne was coming back into continuity. There was never much interaction shown between her and her parents during her original run, so yes, I’m excited. And while I’m sure some may be a little put off by that last panel, I’ll admit it does fit within the lines of my headcanon for those two.

It’s nice to see how they’ve lined up the Huntress costume with elements of Catwoman’s in this world (or vice-versa). The faces are just really hilarious.

oh this is very cute

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