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“Never again. No more obsession. No more craziness. No more Joker.
 I finally see that slime for what he is.
A murderous, manipulative, irredeemable…
     -Harley Quinn


I think the thing I loved about the whole Harley and the Joker dynamic was that few writers ever tried concealing how fucking unhealthy their relationship was, or romanticizing it in anyway. When the reader/viewer sees their relationship as a third party, and how the Joker is constantly harming her and how she keeps returning, the reader/viewer wants them to split, for her sake. It’s an excellent portrayal of an abusive relationship and how the abused party can actually want to stay with their significant other despite the shit they go through, and it’s a great way for pop culture to help others recognize the characteristics of such a relationship.

I mean look at this. He pushes her out of a window, and she still feels attracted to him nevertheless. Think of how frustrating that is, that she’s still completely blind to how terrible he is. Imagine how different things would be if, rather than glorifying unhealthy romances, the media continued to show things like this and instilled the same kind of frustration in mass audiences. I imagine that complacency on such issues would drop quite a bit.

GOD BLESS YOU when people romanticize their relationship my soul dies a little

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